Component Overhauling

Component Overhauling

Each engine component experiences more or less wear depending on the type of use, load and frequency. Many components are not worth repairing or overhauling, so they are always replaced by new parts.

However, cost-intensive components such as the crankcase, cylinder heads and connecting rods can be repaired depending on the type of wear.

To this end, we maintain a constantly updated machine tool park. Our machining department overhauls main and crankshaft bearing aisles, mills crankcases and cylinder heads, drills and hones cylinders and revises old valve seat rings, for example.

A small extract of our activities can be found in the following list:

  • Main bearing leave drilling
  • Renew camshaft bearings and spindles semi-bearings

  • CNC milling of all flat surfaces (crankcase, cylinder head, flange connections, etc.)

  • Replacement and drilling of connecting rod bushes

  • Revision or replacement of valve seat rings

  • CNC multi-axis milling (e. g. for milling of broken glow plugs)

  • CNC turning

  • thread repair

We carry various assemblies for our core brands overhauled or also new from stock, e. g.

  • Crankcase

  • cylinder heads

  • connecting rods

  • air pressers

  • EGR systems

Please ask our staff for more information. If we do not keep your required product in stock, we will be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer for a quick and economical overhaul.

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